About Us

Specializing in many marketing facets – DAB Holdings is a company built around a plethora of knowledge, experience, and success – within one network. Dealing only in high-ticket marketing, our team consists of marketing consultants, mentors, and specialists in every part of the marketing world and focuses on industries with high pricing and values. Our team is capable of taking your company from 0-100 in terms of generating leads and exposure. Below are just a few areas we excel.

  • Website Development and Design services
  • Paid Ad services
  • Search Engine Optimization services
  • Conversion Rate Optimization services
  • Plus many other high value services

Some Stats

We’ve helped companies literally double their income within months of using our services. Within over 20 years of combined startup and business development experience, mixing in marketing is icing on the cake – and the results don’t lie.




Reach Us

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